If you would like to support the GGH and what we do You can click the donation button to contribute to help develop GGH. Donations are completely optional and much appreciated.


We want to take a little time to thank our amazing Streamers, Administration Team, and Support Teams in Raidcall and in Twitch for all our success! We also want to thank our fans and community members because without you we wouldn't have gotten anywhere. Each and every one of you matter and are a valued personality and prescence in our community every day. We know patience is a virture and sometimes it's hard to have patience but our GGH family is truly wonderful.

The Girl's Gaming House has always been about being a supportive and positive gaming community for Ladies and Gentlemen alike where we can all relax, and just be ourselves. As our community continues to grow it is so rewarding to meet all the new people coming in to hang out, play games, and interact with one and other. We couldn't be happier with our recent changes in Administration and Staff and of course our channel, website and media updates! (Please make sure to check the Youtube page for amazing clips and highlights!)

As we progress towards making the house a reality we are taking this time during our contract phase to really focus on our Twitch and Social Media prescence. We have some great new streamers playing new games for our channel and it's been exciting to see how these people have just become a part of the family we have here. Please be sure to visit the Twitch Channel to follow them, and see the constantly updated schedule.

The contracts that we are currently working towards making a reality and closing on are, several sponsorships that we are interested in, our shipping contract, and of course the contract for the house itself to be up for a year. None of our contracts are finalized and are all still being negotiated which means, until that point, we are still considered unsponsored and all the effort, prizes and time spent on GGH is being paid for out of pocket, and through donations. ( Monatary or otherwise ) So we truly want to thank those that have generously donated no matter in which way their donations were recieved. While we have heard rumors of who we are looking at for sponsors these are no more than rumors and no sponsorships have been finalized at this time. We will be sure to update the page on sponsorships as they finalize and become active. Contracts of this nature and building a business isn't done overnight, and though it seems like an eternity to us, they are actually moving along rather quickly for the business world. We can't wait to move on to the next chapter in our journey and couldn't be any happier with the people that are here with us for it.


Thank you for visiting the Girls Gaming House! We are a gaming community that highlights girls (and boys) in the gaming industry whether it be their gaming, graphic design, video editing, music creation, voice acting and more.


Our gaming community is not just about girls in the gaming industry! We have an amazing support team of boys who not only work with us, but stream from time to time as well! We want our twitch channel to grow and be known as a place where all gamers and people in the gaming industry can come to grow with us in their professional gaming careers and can have fun and make new friends along the way.

Gaming House & TV Show

We are currently working on getting the contracts in order for our very own TV Show and the 24/7 Girls Gaming House Livestream that will be on our website. These things do take time, so we are doing our best to get everything in order to where our streamers, and you the viewers, are comfortable with. We have already reached our goal of raising $10,000 for the capital required to get the Girls Gaming House underway and we are now in contract phase. In the mean time we have a dedicated twitch team who is focusing on growing our twitch page and growing our community. We are working on getting a subscription button and getting our stream team page to highlight all of our Girls and Boys!